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Here are some of the reviews from The Art of Soap readers. 

"The Art of Soap is an exquisite presentation of the beauty and joy of soapmaking and soapmakers.

Debbie has done a magnificent job of compiling inspiring stories of artisan soapmakers from all walks of life, sharing not only their beautiful soap but also the stories behind them. The featured soapmakers describe how and why they love the soapmaking craft, and how they incorporate their unique love of life into each bar.

Not only is this a must-have book for people who like to make and use handcrafted soap, but it's a treasure for the library of all who, like me, celebrate the creative spirit that lives in each one of us.

Thank you Debbie, Erin, and all of the featured soapmakers for making me squeal with delight this past Saturday afternoon when I opened my package!"

Donna Maria
Founder & CEO
Indie Beauty Network

"I received my copy of The Art of Soap about a week ago (I pre-ordered it), and I just finished it! I'm proud of that because I'm so busy these days, I can't remember the last time I actually finished a book in less than a week. I read it just before bedtime; about a handful of soapers each night.

This book is easy to read (both well written & edited), nicely laid out, has gorgeous pictures, and very interesting segments written by each soap maker. It's really an easy/perfect read just before bedtime, to help wind down from an exhausting work day, since there are no recipes or technical information to wind your brain back up. As a fellow soap addict, it's wonderful to read & connect with the soapers profiled in the book, from all over the world. I loved reading about the creative process of these individuals. The whole book is very inspirational, and it's truly different than any of the other soap books on the market.

My congrats to you, Debbie, for having such a wonderful idea and following through with it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels as if they've been bitten by the soap bug."
Lori Nova Endres
Owner, The Nova Studio

"I got my book on Saturday. It's so beautiful. I can't stop picking it up to leaf through. I'm so inspired by the beautiful soaping that's going on around the world.  Congrats!!"
- Kim
Pepo Park

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